Employments and Projects

EDÖB / PFPDT / FDPIC, Switzerland
Data Protection Specialist 

2017 - present

at the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissionner​

Swisscom, Switzerland
Data Scientist

2014 - 2017


At  Swisscom I have worked on Big Data privacy and security


University of Bern, Switzerland
Senior Researcher

2013 - 2014


At the University of Bern I am Working on:

  • Mobile Cloud Computing, integrating and virtualizing multiple network layers and services.

  • Authentication in Information-Centric Networks

2010 - present

2010 - present

Nokia Research Center, Lausanne, Switzerland
Principal Researcher

2009 - 2012


At Nokia I worked on Privacy Enhancing Technologies supporting contextual intelligence. Projects included:

  • Nokia Instant Community Trial, involving 80 participants, developers, designers, students and lecturers.The trial focussed on privacy, and lead to several publications and valuable feedback to the platform developers [5,6].


  • Nokia Lausanne Data Collection Campaign [2,4,13], which involved 200 participants during 2 years.


  • Designing, analyzing, and prototyping privacy-preserving mobile services [1,7,8,9,11,10],[57,48]


  • A user-friendly privacy panel [3,55], also used in an international user study on privacy perception


  • Certificate Revocation in Constrained Wireless Channels [56].

Docomo Euro-Labs, Munich, Germany
Senior Researcher

2005 - 2009


At docomo I worked on:

  • Secure and Privacy-Preserving Payment Delegation System [16],[66].


  • Pin-pointing Human Network Activity in Wireless Traffic [14].


  • Certificate revocation in Vehicular Networks [23].


  • Quality of Service in wireless networks [21,12,24,26],[58,59,62,63,64,65,67]..


  • Cooperative Communications [27,20,19,18,17,15],[68].


  • Beam-forming and multi-user detection for interference cancellation [29,25],[71].

EPFL, Switzerland
Postdoctoral Researcher

2003 - 2005


During my stay at EPFL I started moving towards security in wireless networks. Topics included:

  • DoS resilience in ad hoc networks [34,22].


  • Anonymity and untraceability in wireless networks [30].



  • IEEE 802.11 networks: Modeling, simulations and testbed measurements.


INRIA, Grenoble, France
Research Assistant, Postdoctoral Researcher

1999 - 2003


At INRIA I did my Masters and Ph.D. theses, then part of my postdoctoral research. Topics included:

  • QoS and Cheating in Wireless Networks [44,39,43,46,41,45].


  • Improving 802.11 in congested environments [33,37,35,38,41,40], in noisy environments [41].


  • DiffServ in mobile environments [47].


@Univ. of Bern

2013 - present


Advanced Networking and Future Internet: exercises and practical projects (internal)



​2005 - 2009

At EPFL I was co-teaching “Introduction to communication systems” for the first year students.
This course aims at introducing the students to various aspects of telecommunications and
mobile networking. Moreover I co-prepared and supervised the hands-on exercises, the simulations lab and the exams of the wireless networking course for the diploma students.